October 21, 2019 // 6 p.m.
Miller Plaza

Last year, CO.LAB partnered with EnrichHER to host the Will This Float?: Female Founders Edition.

Will This Float? is a business pitch competition designed to support up-and-coming ideas and companies.

Why Female Founders?

Globally, female-founded companies receive less than 10% of all venture capital funding. However, research shows that female-led companies typically outperform male-led companies.

EnrichHER addresses this disparity with a lending platform that connects revenue generating women-led businesses with affordable capital and invaluable networks. CO.LAB and EnrichHER are partnering together to elevate female founders and bring a community of support around them who are dedicated to ensuring their success.


Submissions are narrowed down to the top contenders, who will present their startups in four minutes or less at the pitch event. We use a combination of feedback from our panel of judges as well as crowdsourced voting to determine which idea “FLOATs” best. (See criteria below.)

What does it mean to FLOAT?

We are most interested in ideas that fall in line with the following FLOAT criteria:

  • Few direct competitors (Is this a novel concept?)
  • Low adoption/switching costs (Will customers use this?)
  • On-time entry to market (Is the window of opportunity open?)
  • Addresses unfilled need or want (Does this solve a real problem?)
  • Target market is identified and large (Who are the customers?)

2nd Place Prize

  • $2,000

People’s Choice

  • $1,000

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