A Random Walk Down Hardware Alley // Tech Crunch

"Every Disrupt I gather some of the coolest hardware startups in the world into one place – Hardware Alley. This cavalcade of gear is one of my favorite parts of Disrupt and I try to walk through the entire thing on video so you can meet some of the startups. Some of my favorites? The Parashoot, Supplyhog, and the kitten toy Kittyo – although everyone was great."

May 6th, 2015|

Update on Nopone.com’s Visit to NYC for TechStars for a Day

So, last time we mentioned Nopone was last Friday and Founder Nathan Derrick was somewhere between Knoxville and Johnson City on his way to TS4AD. Since Chattanooga's never had anyone make it this far in TechStars' process, we thought we'd follow Derrick throughout the process [...]

November 23rd, 2010|