Project Description


Jeremy Weaver pitched his business idea for a tiny home building company (500 sq. ft and less) at the Outdoor & Sustainability edition of Will This Float?. Following that event, he enrolled in the spring CO.LAB Accelerator, and since then the company has been steadily gathering momentum and followers. They have come to be recognized in the tiny house industry for building extremely high quality tiny homes and being easy to work with. They are continuing to innovate ways to provide “affordable luxury” custom homes with a goal of realizing a scalable tiny home community model in the Chattanooga area.

Wind River Tiny Homes has been featured by Tiny House Nation, Country Living and HGTV.

“If I could point to one inflection point in the past two years that has affected our success as a company most, it would be the connections made going through the CO.LAB Accelerator and the shift in my mindset that occurred as a result. I now think of myself first as an Entrepreneur, with tiny houses being the space in which I am currently creating value.”

–JEREMY WEAVER, Founder of Wind River Tiny Homes