Project Description

Professional designer and photographer Jennifer Jack took CO.LAB’s business planning class after leaving the corporate world in favor of a more holistic and hands-on career path. Combining her marketing skills and craftsmanship, Jennifer launched Good Fortune, offering superior natural skin care products handcrafted locally with a positive spirit and belief in a better way of life.

In 2014, Jennifer expanded her manufacturing and web-based business to a storefront in Chattanooga’s downtown Southside district, offering soaps, lotions, organic skincare, and a custom essential oil bar. Good Fortune recently celebrated 10 years. Jennifer has also had the fortune to get married, have a child, and remain a strong entrepreneur. She’s proving that women can succeed in owning businesses and starting families.

“It is extremely rewarding to see how far we have grown, and being able to purchase a building housing our successful business within Chattanooga’s Southside. Hopefully in some small way, hard working small businesses like mine are making Chattanooga the #1 city in America.”

–JENNIFER STRAIN, Founder of Good Fortune Soap & Spa