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Appcelerator is coming into town to do a 3 hour workshop on their Titanium platform.

In this intensive, boot camp-style session, developers will be introduced to the essential tools and APIs necessary to develop rich mobile clients for iOS, Android, and the mobile web browser in JavaScript with Titanium Mobile. In this hands-on, lab-driven session, developers will learn:

  • Architecture and techniques for JavaScript code organization in Titanium Mobile
  • Cross-platform UI development
  • Local data access with SQLite and a lightweight key-value store
  • Remote data access with the HTTP client API
  • Tips for testing, deployment, and further study

This course will (by necessity) move pretty fast, so intermediate-level knowledge of JavaScript and a pre-configured Titanium Mobile development environment (with the native SDKs downloaded, installed, and ready to rock) are essential.

If you are interested in attending this workshop (2:00-5:00 on Friday 3/30), please RSVP to enoch@colab.is.

This workshop immediately precedes 48Hour Launch. Use the skills you just learned to help build a new mobile application. Check out details on 48Hour Launch here.