We are so excited to announce the winners of this year’s Will This Float?: Black Founders Edition! This year’s finalists were placed in one of two categories based off of revenue, and one winner was selected from each category to receive a $3,000 cash prize, as well as one company that walked away with $1,000 from the Audience Vote.

We want to thank our judges—Alexis “AJ” Willis with the INCubator, Jonathan Bragdon with Capacity Capital, and Justin Dawkins with Collab Capital—as well as Urban League of Greater Chattanooga for their support and involvement in this event.

LAUNCH CATEGORY (Less than $25k in revenue)

  • Ty Turner, Turner ATM — Formed in March 2020, this family-owned business partners with local businesses by providing ATM services.
  • Audience Choice ($1,000) Jonathan Hardaway, SaF — A smart security company that is producing a smart delivery box that will secure and protect packages. Link to websitehttps://safdeliverybox.com/.
  • Keelah Jackson-Harris and Jody Harris, Keeody Gallery — A husband and wife-owned establishment that houses art, hosts events and provides art and creative-related programming to the public via virtual and in-gallery platforms. Link to websitewww.keeody.com.
  • Category Winner ($3,000) Chanté Knox, Deliver FemCare — A subscription based business that provides direct-to-door personalized period packages, once per month. Link to website: https://delivher.com

UP AND RUNNING CATEGORY ($25k or more in revenue)

  • Amber Woodruff, Little Giggles — A personal childcare company that provides drop-off care and in-home nanny care. Link to website: https://gigglegiven.com/.
  • Brandon Ellis, Chatter Box Cafe — A southern wood-fired bbq restaurant and mobile catering company, competition bbq team, as well as a line of packaged spice blends and rubs. Link to websitehttps://www.chatterbox423.com/.
  • Up and Running Winner ($3,000) Cassandra Tucker, Divine Purity — A self-care product line that uses aromatherapy to enhance mood and overall emotional well-being. Link to website: https://www.divinepuritynatural.com/.