We are excited to announce the eight teams who are participating in the HealthTech Accelerator, which launched on June 22 in partnership with Erlanger Health System and Unum. In response to the COVID-19 crisis and to ensure safety for all program participants, this is CO.LAB’s first fully virtual accelerator program.

Companies in the program are developing solutions directly tied to the healthcare and benefits industries, which range from medical devices to artificial intelligence software to blood testing. 

The companies in the program come from as far as the West coast:

  • Articulate Labs (Dallas, TX) is a medical device company whose first product is called the KneeStim, a light and form-fitting device that uses neuromuscular electrical stimulation (NMES) to conveniently strengthen and re-educate quadriceps muscles in sync with regular activity, turning each step into a muscle-building repetition. 
  • EDP Biotech Corporation (Knoxville, TN) designs and develops blood tests for the early detection of disease to optimize for best patient outcome.
  • Medicare Pathfinder, Inc. (Atlanta, GA) is a data analytics platform that uses machine learning to help health providers to optimize their Medicare operations.
  • Midas Health Corporation (Portland, OR) is a software platform that generates branded video job descriptions to help customers drive candidate reach, engagement, and conversion. 
  • MindCotine, Inc. (San Jose, CA) is a health and wellness product that trains smokers to quit by combining virtual reality, psychological therapy, and a craving support center via a mobile app and VR kit. 
  • Qardian Labs (Knoxville, TN) is a software that integrates artificial intelligence with the diagnostic process, thus helping healthcare personnel better identify risk of cardiac issues and guide treatment for patients.
  • Vascugenix (Little Rock, AR) is a medical device company focused on developing innovative products to improve interventional vascular procedures.
  • Xcellent Life (Lexington, TN) has developed a cloud-based platform using gamification and data analysis to promote health & wellness in a personalized and proactive way. 

This year’s accelerator will leverage additional partnerships to accelerate the growth of the participating teams. Full Media, a healthtech marketing agency with an office in Chattanooga, will offer direct feedback and support on digital marketing strategies. Participants will also have access to on-demand video training and weekly coaching sessions through a platform called Fluent.