The graduates of the CO.LAB Spring Accelerator and GIGTANK 365 prototype will present and showcase their companies at the Chambliss Startup Social on May 19th. Each of the 6 teams will give five-minute presentations and will be available for greeting and questions before and after the pitches.

The Chambliss Startup Social will be an opportunity for members of Chattanooga’s entrepreneurial community to socialize and enjoy cold brews and appetizers from local vendors. The event will start at 5:30 PM at The Edney’s Floor Five.

Boomers Together** is an online community for individuals ages 50 and older. Features of Boomers Together include blog and video content that highlight issues the age group faces as well as regional meetups and activities.

Change Your $tory** exists to help faith-based millenials clear up the faulty beliefs and emotions that keep them financially stuck. The company enables clients to utilize out-of-the-box techniques to achieve the financial results they desire.

Collider* has developed a high-speed industrial 3D printer for production grade plastics. The company’s hybrid technology and material capabilities come together to deliver end-use parts, highly functional prototypes, and production-quality tooling to the world of manufacturing.

CPR Lifewrap** is a durable, plastic support product that provides simple CPR instructions for people with little or no CPR training. This torso-shaped chest covering features embossed hand placements and a simple set of instructions for applying CPR, as well an attached mouth barrier and one-way valve to facilitate the execution of the technique.

Docity* is a HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform that connects providers with their patients. The product allows people to meet with their providers through their personal computer or mobile device, all for a low monthly price. It also gives providers more efficiency by delivering simple tools for scheduling and coordinating with patients.

undaground** is a community-centric platform that allows users to discover music and culture wherever they are. Chattanooga is only the first stop on this backstage adventure to local music, art, food, sports, comedy, events, and community culture.

*GIGTANK 365 Prototype
**CO.LAB Accelerator

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