(Guest post by Riley Draper, WeCounsel)

A lot of people will tell you that time is money and in a way they are right. But really, it’s better than that. Time is something you can give to people to show them they’re important. At WeCounsel the first thing we did was start building relationships. We tapped every resource and took every opportunity to run our idea by any potential customers, advisors, investors that we could. It was these relationships that got us where we are today.

UltraGroup first approached us after their CEO, Kelly McBride, read a story about WeCounsel in Edge Business Magazine. One of our advisors, Dr. Carol Burns, made some kind remarks about the company and having a great deal of respect for Carol’s opinion Kelly decided to reach out to us in June, two weeks after GIGTANK had begun. Over the next two months we hammered out the terms and reached an agreement two days after Demo Day. Two months later, after the tireless efforts of a number of individuals we closed the raise on a brisk October morning.

When UltraGroup told us they were moving forward with the investment Harrison, Joshua and I were ecstatic. For the past two years we’d been nourishing our labour of love, a startup we’d adorned with the name WeCounsel. Our philosophy was simple: two minds are better than one, and in order to succeed, we would have to depend on not only each other but everyone else. We depended on therapists, we depended on developers, we depended on anything and everything that would let us. And in the end, the people we depended on the most came through for us.

We carried WeCounsel with us through college, our graduations, the accelerators, and now it’s leading us into our lives as adults. Looking back at things passed and ahead for those to come I can say one thing for certain: nothing is more important than the people you meet and the time you share together. Chris Daly got us a pitching gig at the Tech Transfer Conference. Shelley Bradbury wrote about us in Edge Magazine. Dr. Carol Burns told Shelley we were, “way ahead.” Kelley and Karen believed in us. As entrepreneurs we are by nature always pushing forward, always looking for ways to build better products, better companies but in order to make that happen you must first build meaningful relationships.