This week, our friends from Alcatel Lucent’s ng Connect Program stopped by to meet the GIGTANK teams and see what they’ve been up to. The ng Connect Program is a multi-industry ecosystem dedicated to the creation of the new generation connected user experience through collaboration of 200-plus technology-focused companies.

Terri Gibbs, ng Connect’s director of marketing and communications, and Patty Van Bruggen, manager of Alcatel CTO Strategic Solutions Lab North America, gave a great overview of the ng Connect Program and the exciting technologies that the program’s member companies are building.

Terri and Patty also dedicated some one-on-one time to each startup and specialist, looking for ways that ng Connect can collaborate, share technologies or connect GIGTANK-ers with partners and customers.

“Out of the conversations that we had, there were several that we thought would be mutually beneficial,” Terri said. “From a prototyping standpoint, we focused on how we could support teams that have a high bandwidth or cloud requirement, or teams that might need specialized hardware or software from our member companies.”

Overall, the visit was exciting and productive for both GIGTANK and ng Connect. We’re thrilled to have the program’s involvement in GIGTANK 2013, and we know the toolkit they’ve shared with us will come in handy as the startups and specialists continue to build out their businesses over the course of the summer.