The latest graduates of the CO.LAB Accelerator have launched themselves into the wild world of high-potential startups. And they’re well-prepared: They’ve spent months in our CO.LAB space, developing, planning and modeling.

But – perhaps more importantly – they’ve also spent time outside of the building. They’ve connected with early adopters and future prospects, expanded their networks and established strong foundations in the community. Now, they’re ready to build a customer base, earn investments and find their way to success.

Each graduating team has an investable story to tell. At our graduation in mid-February, WeCounsel, Spottlife, and Nudge pitched their ideas to a group of investors hosted by the Chattanooga Renaissance Fund.  Since that time, these startups have been generating buzz.  WeCounsel has forged relationships with major health care providers, launched a beta version and applied to GIGTANK 2013; Spottlife is leveraging the early investment it raised during the Accelerator to continue building a user base and maintain stellar daily use rates; and Nudge, in spite of what its name implies, is making one big move after another. (All it takes is a Nudge, and your office could wind up like this.)

Two other teams, Fork and Pie and Litigator Technology, started down the Accelerator road but chose another direction as they discovered more about themselves and their aspirations. At least for the present, these teams are focusing on the core of their businesses, and each is a local success story in its own right.  There is a very good chance they will decide to get back on the CO.LAB-fueled high-growth launch pad in the next class this fall. In the meantime, Fork and Pie is still serving up great meals downtown, and Litigator Technology’s founder continues to serve in the non-profit world.

CO.LAB wishes all of our Accelerator teams the best of luck as they discover and capture the opportunities that lie ahead in this exciting startup world.