Big Congratulations to UpStart Memphis for hosting 48 Hour Launch: Women’s Edition. Two of the CO.LAB team visited for the weekend to participate and learn from the steps UpStart Memphis is taking to bring more women into the entrepreneurial community in their city. We are energized by the work they are doing and are looking for ways to promote current and future women entrepreneurs here in Chattanooga.

We joined the team Care2Manage with founder Ela Emami for the weekend. The experience involved going through a business canvas and working with a great group of local professionals to further the business idea and prepare for the final pitch. I so enjoyed supporting a passionate founder to realize her dream of building a business based on her expertise as a social worker and focused on the growing 65+ population and their families. Men and women both comprised the teams, and the dynamic throughout the weekend working on teams led by women founders felt extremely supportive.

We are impressed with the team at Launch Your City for being proactive about creating an inclusive startup culture in Memphis. It created a sense of urgency for women with great ideas to have a weekend of support and a deadline to turn their idea into a businesses. The winner of the event was Pink Ribbon Avenue. Check out all of the final pitch videos through Nibletz coverage.

How can we attract more women starting high-growth companies? Here’s a good overview of the currents stats and a good starting place to support female entrepreneurs. Check out the recent article in Fast Company, “How Can We Create a World of Powerful Female Entrepreneurs?