Our Experience Talks series came to a close Wednesday with a seminar on sharing.

Online sharing, that is. Social media is tricky business – it can help or hinder your company’s growth. Our panel of entrepreneurs spoke about the do’s and don’ts of Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other outlets as they relate to your professional career.

Meet the panel:

  • Joe Ledbetter, Chattanooga Whiskey
  • Tiffanie Campbell Robinson,  Fork & Pie Bar
  • Patricia Egen, Patricia Egen Consutling
  • Scott Levy, Fuel Online

Read our takeaways:

  • Make your content relevant. No one wants to know that you just went to the bathroom. Put items of value on your page – information, tips, etc. – and followers will find you. “They’re tuning into your TV channel,” Levy said. “If you’re boring, they’ll change the channel.”
  • Build a big audience. Make sure the right people are following you – and make sure there are a lot of them. Your audience can be your best advocate, so make them a top priority.
  • Start early. People make the mistake waiting to build a base until their business is up and running. But it’s best to get a head start in order to avoid any lag time. “When Fork & Pie Bar opened, we already had people who knew about us from our social networks,” Robinson said.
  • Don’t pigeon-hole networks. LinkedIn isn’t just for corporate bigwigs. And Facebook is more than a forum to show off what you ate for lunch. The growing number of social media outlets can help you to further your professional career, whatever that may be. So take advantage of each one – individually. “Use each network as its own thing,” Ledbetter said. “Don’t use Twitter to update your Facebook.”
  • Be transparent. “Transparency is the new web 2.0,” Levy said. Your audience wants to see the real people who are running your company. They don’t want to talk to a robot or even the corporation as a whole. They care about communicating with a living, breathing – and honest – person.
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