The Will This Float? hashtag #wtfCHA was trending all evening on the Twitter feed and on the giant “Tweet Tank” projection created by Full Media. Here are some highlights:

@4thfloorchatt: This city loves entrepreneurs! Just look at the crowd that showed up just to hear ideas. #wtfCHA #gigcity #CHA

@denenberg1818 pitches, homemade whiskey and the chance to partner w/ @500Startups!! #GEW2012 #wtfCHA

@ktwest: Seeing entrepreneurs interacting in person via a giant twitter feed digital fish tank is pretty cool. #wtfCHA @fullmedia

@Chelsea_Conrad: Ridiculously proud of my students Colby & Deosha who just rocked their pitch at #wtfCHA. @thecompanylab @LAUNCHchatt

@thegladlab: Loved being a panelist at #wtfCHA! Could’ve talked for with each presenter for hours about their WHY. #startwithwhy #passion

@VariableTechAwesome turnout last night for #wtfCHA. The rising tide of entrepreneurialism in #CHA is palpable. #NODE is proud to be a part of it!

Check out the rest of the stream here.