Thursday’s Will This Float? idea pitch showcase is just around the corner, and everything is in place for an awesome evening.

Check out the event finalists below, follow them on twitter,  and come ready to text in a vote for your favorite ideas!

Campus Bellhops // Cameron Doody // #CampusBellhops
Recruits, trains, and brands large student workforces at Universities across the country.

WeCounsel // Riley Draper // @wecounsel
Connects therapist to their clients and colleagues through an online video platform.

Sophister // Thomas Hall & Robert Goeller // @Sophister_Cap
Issuing low interest private student loans by harnessing alumni networks through providing sustainable investment opportunities.

Grab N Go // Colby McCurty & Deosha King // #GrabNGo
Vending machines that provide office supplies to high school and college students.

Proximity1 // Debbie Thompson // @wtci
An online aggregator of quality locally-focused media content that is relevant and interesting.

GameWisp // Michael Anderson // @gamewisp
A cloud-based backup and sharing service for content generated through playing pc games

Slide File System // Donna Cariglio // #slidefilesystem
A new way for pathology labs to file slides, keeping them organized and preventing loss and breakage.

Thundrlizard // Pete Santora // @thundrlizard
Utilizes social networks and real time intelligence to transform cold leads into qualified prospect.

The Farmhouse // Anthony Cain // #FarmhouseApp
A collective vertical farm that is maintained remotely by a web app.

RootsRated // Fynn Glover  // @RootsRated
Online recreation guide, curated and authored by independently owned specialty outdoor retailers.

MobileCommerce Solutions // Russ Grove // @MobileCommerceS
We make it simple for companies to represent, sell, and ship in the global marketplace.

Listen Up // Mykas Degesys // @listenupfm
Uses data analytics to help artists monetize their fans through streaming platforms

SAILS // Ryan Arp // @sailsapp
A marketplace of direct sales catalogs, niche products, and the consultants that sell them.

The Original Tire Art™ // Melanie Villegas // #OriginalTireArt
Artistic tire decals.

Legit Golf // Thomas Cater // #LegitGolf
Golfers’ website geared towards promoting competition between friends and peers in live and virtual matches.

Cloud Lounge // Nirav Patel // #CloudLounge
A cloud platform that easily stores, shares, and streams data to multiple devices and users.

Spotlife // Brandon Mihai // @spottlife
A social networking aggregation app that is aimed to put the spotlight on your life.

WhoNote // Cory Wiles // @whonoteapp

An app that tags photos with music, so you can replay events more fully.