For many Americans, jury service remains in the periphery, a civic responsibility that demands attention only occasionally – and when it does, it’s often greeted with eye rolls and a hasty reshuffling of meetings and appointments.

But for the 1.2 million practicing trial attorneys in the U.S., jury service is a central component of their professions. Identifying and selecting appropriate jurors is critical to the success of their cases.

And as Nancy Patterson knows, that process can be tedious.

“I’m married to an experienced trial attorney,” Patterson explained. “With the jury selection process, the current method of best practice tends to be sticky notes on file folders or clunky laptop programs.”

Patterson is working to change that. She’s the co-founder and CEO of Litigator Technology, a legal-tech startup that provides mobile and web app solutions. The company’s most recent app, JuryStar, is now accessible in the iTunes App Store for litigators seeking to improve and expedite the jury selection process.

Recognized by American Lawyer magazine as an “app that actually delivers,” JuryStar isn’t the only jury selection app available. But the difference, Patterson said, lies in the test market. “Litigator Technology’s products are designed with input from people using them: trial attorneys, paralegals, jury consultants.

In addition to JuryStar, Litigator Technology offers a Web Jury Consulting service, which gives lawyers and trial teams access to the nation’s leading trial consulting firm, DecisionQuest. The company also hosts a growing legal app development service.

“Our vision is to have a family of apps in the market. We’ll be partnering with legal professionals who have ideas for apps that would improve their workflow, but don’t have the time or skills to develop them,” Patterson said.

The desire to further that vision is what brought Patterson to the CO.LAB Accelerator, where she believes a collaborative environment, training and mentorship will help expand her business.

“In this startup phase, the most difficult part is being the driver of a big empty bus,” said Patterson, who is essentially a one-man team. “The accelerator is helping me figure out when to fill seats on my bus,” Patterson said. “I’ve been able to pick the brains of people who have ‘been there, done that.’ Ultimately, that’s allowing me to determine which assets are necessary to take my company to the next level.”

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