Join us at the Camp House Sept. 19 for the fifth installment of the Experience Talks series: Equity Investment for Small Businesses.

Our five-person panel will discuss the pros and cons of raising investment capital for your business – and they know what they’re talking about. Each panelist has dealt firsthand with equity investment. They’re here to tell you what to look for (and what to beware of) when you’re in need of funding.

Charlie Brock (Executive Entrepreneur, CO.LAB):
For years, Charlie Brock has been an integral part of Chattanooga’s entrepreneurial culture. In addition to his involvement at CO.LAB, he is one of the founding partners of the Chattanooga Renaissance Fund, as well as a partner and member of the investment committee of the Tennessee Angel fund. Charlie is also a Managing Partner at Chattanooga-based FourBridges Capital Advisors. He started his own company, Foxmark Media, in 1998, which he later sold to an Australian media company.

TJ Gentle (Smart Furniture)

Jack Studer (LampPost Group)

Sam Smartt, Jr. (Dealer Principal, Kenco Toyota-Lift):

For almost 30 years, Sam Smartt has been professionally involved with Kenco, a supply chain management services provider. His father founded Kenco in 1950, and Sam contributed to the company’s growth as it transitioned from a small family business into an industry leader that encompasses more than 100 operations in 30 states and Canada.

Ward Crimmins (President, The Crimmins Group):
Ward Crimmins has worked in IT for more than 25 years, and he knows the startup world well. In addition to founding The Crimmins Group, he previously launched an IT consulting business in 1994. Ward also has served as the Vice President of Technology at Kenco.

Adam Boeselager (Co-Founder and Director of Operations,
Several years ago, Adam Boeselager co-founded, a company that digitally preserves aging home movies and photos through DVDs or editable digital files. Since its inception, has experienced 70 percent growth and recently reached a major milestone: the creation of their one-millionth DVD.

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