So you’ve recruited your team. Now what?

For the third event in the eight-part Experience Talks series, guest speakers Lisa Nausley and Jennie Hobbs focused their discussion on successful leadership.

With backgrounds in sales and management, Nausley and Hobbs represent Sandler Training, a global training organization that provides training and consulting services for small- to medium-sized businesses.

As a business leader, “on-boarding” your team is only half the battle, Nausley and Hobbs cautioned the audience, which included our GigTank teams. After building a strong employee base, business leaders need to ask themselves the following questions:

“Am I constantly recruiting?” That’s right – the recruitment process never ends. Even if every position on your team is filled with the perfect candidate, Nausley said that you should always have potential employees in the pipeline. Too often, leaders wait to seek out new talent until there is an opening, resulting in panicked and impulsive hires.

“How am I doing as a coach, trainer and mentor?” Feedback is crucial: Help your employees recognize their own strengths and weaknesses. Many people struggle with low self-awareness, and it’s tricky to fix a problem if you don’t know it exists. Acknowledge the areas where your team members excel, and enable them to fill in the gaps through training and mentor programs.

 “As a leader, am I making my employees feel comfortable enough to share the truth?” The opportunity to move up in your company can motivate and incentivize your workforce. But be careful, Hobbs warned: Just because a person is great in sales doesn’t mean that person will be happy – or successful – as a sales manager. Creating a dialogue encourages your team to speak candidly about issues or concerns. Ask questions, and show that you care about the response.

 “Is this a fit?” At the end of the day, some hires just don’t work out. Business leaders should have a process for reprimanding poor performance or behavior, but if your employees still aren’t meeting agreed-upon expectations, be honest with yourself – and don’t drag your feet. As Nausley put it: “Hire slow, and fire fast.”

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