The Experience Talks seminar series continued Wednesday with its second event, “Recruiting Your Team.” The eight-part series, held monthly at the Camp House, provides successful entrepreneurs a forum to share their experiences.

This month’s panel focused their discussion on the do’s and don’ts of building a business team. The entrepreneurs in the audience, including our GigTank teams, were advised not to learn these lessons the hard way.

  • Experience and environment are key.Andre Dantlzer, President, SociallyU. Dantlzer said that the design and aesthetics of your offices will send a strong message to potential hires. Accurately communicating your culture is imperative if you want to find talent who will make a good fit.
  • “It’s not just the space you create, it’s the value system.” Sloane Scott, Partner, FLO {thinkery}. Entrepreneurs are naturally curious people, so keeping a startup team focused can be a challenge. Define company values from the get-go to ensure that everyone is working – hard – toward a common goal.
  • “Your hires follow you.” Alison Lynch, Partner, FLO {thinkery}. As an employer, Lynch has encountered her fair share of “crazy people.” Be aware of your rights and the rights of your employees. Whether recruiting them or letting them go, do everything by the book. If you fail to do so, the legal repercussions can last for years, and it won’t be cheap.
  • “Sign an IP agreement.” Julia Polk, Owner, New Venture Consulting. Intellectual property is one of a company’s biggest assets, and losing it can be a major blow to the business. Ask your employees to sign an IP agreement when they come on board. It will guarantee that everything they make while working for you is yours, not theirs.
  • “Be consistent and fair in all of your processes.” Beverlee Bartley, Business Development Manager, LBMC Employment Partners. If you’re the boss, it can be lonely at the top. But inconsistent treatment – e.g., becoming close friends with a particular employee – can lead to major legal woes. That goes for hiring, too. Evaluate all candidates on the same points. Perform reference and background checks for everyone.

Join us for part three of the Experience Talks series, “Banking Benefits Beyond Loans,” on July 18 at the Camp House.