The geeks have landed and the GigTank has launched! The startup accelerator program, hosted here at CO.LAB, started Monday of this week and is already building valuable connections for our eight finalist teams – each selected for their potential as high growth entrepreneurs.

Each team started the program with $15,000 in seed capital – and has a shot at the $100,000 top cash prize. Over the course of the summer, teams will develop their concept with the help of mentors including experienced entrepreneurs, consultants and investors. They’ll also have access to a range of resources including 1 Gigabit/second broadband across a 600 square mile area in Chattanooga.

The eight teams hail from more than seven states and one other country, and bring a range of technology ideas to the program:

  • 911View produces video-focused mobile apps for public safety professionals and dispatchers, enhancing the benefits of emergency services for the public.
  • Ariagora helps independent musicians connect directly with fans in new and profitable ways.
  • BioStash is reinventing the way scientists work. By providing a modern UI and integrating with existing command line tools, BioStash will remove information roadblocks for today’s scientists and labs.
  • Corpora uses Twitter status updates and other public data to determine the health of users by geography, providing insights into the spread of illness and quantifying the impact of previously elusive factors on public health.
  • HD Fantasy Football uses live HD video to personalize and increase social interaction in the fantasy football experience.
  • Iron Gamer is building a new social gaming experience through live competitive events and interactive streaming content.
  • Silver Communities facilitates remote medical services for the elderly and provides other social and health-related software.
  • TourRaiser connects artists to their fans by raising capital for tours and letting fans vote to determine show locations.

“The momentum around GigTank has been building for months, and we’re excited that our entrepreneurs have finally arrived in Chattanooga,” said CO.LAB CEO Charlie Brock. “Every team has brought an idea that they’re passionate about, and that passion is contagious. We’re ready to help them get started, get connected and ultimately launch successful companies.”

Sponsors, mentors and judges of the program include major companies such as Alcatel-Lucent, Cisco, Mozilla, IBM Venture Capital Group, and many others. For more information and updates leading up to the August 9 demo day, check back here all summer at the GigTank landing page.

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[galleria_slide caption=”Toni Gemayel of Tampa, FL presents his GigTank team’s startup business, BioStash.”][/galleria_slide]
[galleria_slide caption=”The eight teams chosen for GigTank come from seven states and Northern Ireland, UK.”][/galleria_slide]
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