Written by by Carey O’Neil, Times Free Press | Photo by Doug Strickland.

Andrew Abumoussa thinks he’s found a use for all the inane info posted by over-sharers on Twitter and Facebook, and by end of the summer he hopes to get $100,000 for his idea.

At one point or another, most every social media user has read a tweet about their friend’s love of their new outfit or their cousin’s unkickable case of the sniffles and thought, ‘Who cares?’

Abumoussa is banking on clothing manufacturers or health industry workers caring, so he and his partners at Scenedipity Intelligence are creating a way to aggregate and deliver that information.

Abumoussa flew down from New York this past weekend to join seven other teams from across the globe for a 14-week technology company kickstarter competition called GigTank. The eight teams started pouring in Saturday from as far away as Northern Ireland, drawn by the lure of Chattanooga’s gigabit-per-second Internet connection speeds — well over 20 times faster than the speeds of most service providers — and a $100,000 prize.

The groups each receive $15,000 in seed money in The Company Lab-run competition. By the end of the summer, a panel of industry experts from across the country will select the best of the eight ideas and award the group $100,000.

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