So, the word is spreading…#CHA has a gig. No other city in America is even close. Does that mean that Chattanooga is “the next Silicon Valley?” No, it doesn’t. The Valley could never be duplicated and certainly not here. Chattanooga is its own thing and shouldn’t try to compare itself to anyone…not even Austin.

Chattanooga is one of the most unique places in America. We have mountains and beautiful landscapes. We have low cost of living and a family friendly community. We have design. We have Chattanooga FC. And now we have a silly amount of broadband flowing into every single home and business over 600 square miles.

You see, while I don’t think that Chattanooga will overnight become the new tech-hub of the US, I do think there is a huge opportunity for innovators and entrepreneurs from all over to test new ideas here. Some might stay. Most will leave. But it’s important to understand that you can build and test things here that can’t be done elsewhere in the US (and few places in the world). I compare it to having electricity five to ten years before anyone else. What would you have built with that kind of head start?

The word is indeed spreading that Chattanooga has something special, so now we’ll find out what can be done with this head start.