Tonight, at one of our great local coffee shops. some of the CO.LAB crew will be attending an open forum on Chattanooga’s newest movement and 48Hour Launch success story: Chatype. I could try to explain what this means for Chattanooga and the design community at large, but the video below is the best illustration I’ve seen to-date.

I’ll keep things brief and allow you to get to the good stuff (the video). The Chatype team started with two typeface designers (two of only 300 successful designers in the world) and a startup branding firm, D&J Identity. They powered through 48Hour Launch and have been gaining momentum ever since.

They will be the first to tell you that they are still at the beginning of the process. The typeface is said to be in “beta” and approximately 5% complete. The finished product is still months away and those months will most certainly be in their future with the creation and completion of a lively Kickstarter project. Watch the video below to hear what some of Chattanooga’s most influential designers have to say about Chatype, then check out the Kickstarter project to see how you can get involved.

– Joe