JK3 Software is an outdoor clothing brand that will customize apparel any way the customer sees fit. This enables customers to design their ideal pieces of clothing. After the JK3 staff tailor fits the clothing, customers can specialize details such as number, size, and orientation of the pockets or even the types of trim.

JK3 has exploded on to the scene in downtown Chattanooga. I had never been by the storefront, so I wanted to see what all the fuss was about. Upon entering, the shelves were stocked with fun and warm clothes for this upcoming winter. I spoke with owner Kim Smith about what has been keeping her busy. She said, “Last year, demand was so high that we didn’t have the supply to fill it.” She is excited about the high demand from last year and what it could mean for this year. She said that no “soft shell” jackets have hit the shelves yet because she wants to ensure enough supply this year.

Kim told me she is continuing to build out her triangular business model which consists of her JK3 retail store, ChilliHeads (a well-made local hat brand purchased by Kim) and Wet & Wooly Wearhouse for manufacturing. To help with all the nuances that go alongside running 3 businesses, she has employed Chambliss, Bahner and Stophel as her legal team. Kim said she is also working on her 501c3 tax exempt status for her non-profit Coat of Many Colors, which focuses on providing jackets to the downtown homeless. She said she is still about one year away.

Kim said that most recently, she has been getting involved in the festival business by traveling around and promoting her brand to a new demographic. She is considering the different e-commerce directions she could go but said she enjoys the control of owning her own business. She has contracted with LivingSocial, an internet-based service that provides every day discounts in cities across the country. LivingSocial will enable Kim to offer deals such as “Spend $20/Get $10 free” for ChilliHeads products. She told me that she is excited about the deal and as long as they can produce, JK3 has the inventory to supply the promotion.

Kim also told me about her upcoming Women’s Mending Night co-op, which will take place on the the 3rd Thursday of every month. She said it will consist of a showcase that will allow local menders to display their hand-made, green products.

Kim is a graduate of the Springboard business class from The Company Lab. There is nothing better for us than seeing our graduates become successful in their own endeavors. We will continue to follow Kim as her business continues to grow. Be sure to stop by JK3 Softwear on Broad St. to bundle up this winter!