Two weekends ago, over 300 people got together to launch businesses in 48 hours. 23 teams made it through the weekend, launching new products, technologies, and social innovations into reality. Some projects started as ideas on Friday night, while others launched new iterations of an existing business, reinventing themselves in a whole new way. Numerous entrepreneurs, business experts, web developers, graphic designers, community leaders, and others came through our doors over the weekend to work on projects, offer pointed advice in the “Expert Office”, or just to observe the excitement and energy of the weekend.

We were able to see Chattanooga’s community come together to support these startups in an incredible way, both with the flexibility of neighbors on the Southside lending the use of their space, and with the generosity of local businesses in giving of their time and services to help these new businesses when they need it the most. Thanks to these contribution, we were able to award a total of $47,000 of business services to the three winning ideas that launched out of the weekend. If you missed the pitches, you can check out the pre-pitches here, and the EPB Demo Night video here.

Check out the winners of 48Hour Launch as well as the other new launches below. Follow and friend them. This is just the beginning–let’s work together to make these launches become successful ventures!


PRODUCT LAUNCHES  // @slawsa // facebook

Natural Beautiful Me // @NBMlifestyle // facebook

Euclid-The Wireless Desk

Chilli Heads // facebook

Smart Cushion




Job Ninja // @jobninja // facebook

Open Blu // @OpenBlu

One Aisle






SOCIAL INNOVATION LAUNCHES // @theunfoundation // facebook

Neighborhood Watcher// @nbrhoodwatcher // facebook

EduContribution // facebook

WeBudget // facebook

Chattype // facebook

Routr Chattanooga // @routrCHA // facebook

OPEN Chattanooga // facebook

Neighborhood Cup // facebook

The Plum Garden // @plumgardenCHA // facebook

Sickle Cell Awareness Group

Chattanooga Soul // @ChattanoogaSoul // facebook

OPEN in East Lake // @openeastlake // facebook