Last night’s CXP Internship Social kicked off well with a diverse group of business representatives and talented students from several colleges packed into the CO.LAB space.

It was a full night (and room) of exchanging ideas, business needs, and interests with each other. The crowd made it difficult to communicate from afar, but close, face-to-face connections between the students and businesses was what we set out to create! It was exciting, fascinating even, to see the energy build in a room full of that many intelligent, motivated, creative people. Many of us made some good connections and met some fun, interesting people.

For all the students who couldn’t make it, here is a quick listing of the skills and traits that different businesses are currently looking for. If you think you could fit into one of these roles, give them a shout, or get in touch with us to get connected with them.
Needs: Web design, jack of all trades, social media management, data entry.
Looking for: those interested in a startups, nonprofits, lovers of Chattanooga, and cool w/startup environment
Needs: Web design, web development (php and .net), marketing (seo and ppc)
Looking for: entrepreneurial, motivated, resourceful people

Cumberland Signal Labs
Needs: Elec. Engineers, documentation, dreamers, thinkers
Looking for: Innovators, types with moxie, misfits, brilliance

WC Gallery
Needs: Computer programming (C++, Linux, hardware programming), SEM
Looking for: Dependable, Knowledgeable
Needs: Content creation, social media, web & iOS development
Looking for: self starters, creative, and responsible

Business Chatt/Moss Media Labs/Studio X
Business Chatt Needs: Business blogging, calendar curation, event planning, live streaming, media coverage, network events

Moss Media Labs Needs: Digital marketing, graphic design, netcasting, social media execution, SM workshops, video storytelling

Needs: Translation, help files creation, development (cloud, web, and, SEO, marketing admin, admin, social media
Looking for: Self starters, flexible, team-players, java developers, outside the box thinkers, high integrity, positive attitudes

Chattanooga Football Club
Needs: public relations, social media, graphic design, web content creation, gameday operations, marketing
Looking for: problem solvers, creatives, self starters, design oriented individuals


Needs: Everything!
Looking for: self starters, problem solvers, creatives, and those who fancy themselves entrepreneurial

HUGE thanks to everyone who came out to connect and to Chattanooga AIGA, UTC, Chatt State, and Covenant College for helping us bring some of Chattanooga best up-and-coming stars to some of its best up-and-coming startups!