The CXP Social is coming up and we are extremely excited to be participating in the enhancement of student-business relationships in our community! We’ve been putting some thought into the event activity flow and want to share with you, our ideas.We’ll start things off with refreshments for everyone as they arrive around 6 p.m. Our business pros will be asked to fill out a giant “post-it” to include their name/business’ name and areas within their business where an intern might contribute such as: social media management, data entry, research, content marketing, general writing, design, web development, etc. Also listed will be a few characteristics they’re looking for in a prospective intern.

Once most everyone is prepared we will have a short welcome and introduction followed by a series of social activities to mix the room up a bit and get some conversations going. Then our professionals will return to their displays and students can visit as many displays as they wish/are able to in the hour or so that remains.

We encourage students to bring resumés, business cards, etc. if they wish, though none of those things are required. Professionals should bring information about their business: business cards, information pamphlets, a good idea of what they are looking for in potential interns/positions, etc.

We’re looking forward to a great event, a great environment, and great results! Leave us a comment or two and let us know what you think would make this event even better.

Check here for date, time and contact info.