Our ‘Nooga friends at Skoodat have entered their Skoodat Image app (two minute YouTube presentation here) into Salesforce.com’s 2011 AppQuest global competition and were just named one of the top 16 apps in the world! The next phase of the competition is taking place on Facebook’s space. The 16 remaining apps are all displayed on AppQuests wall and the top 8 “like” getters will move on to next phase of the competition. All you have to do to help out is “like” the AppQuest page, then like Skoodat’s post on the wall and tell all of your friends to do the same thing, capiche?

Skoodat Image is an app that allows for images to be taken via mobile phone and instantly viewed on a map within any application built on the Force.com platform. The image isn’t the only thing that is stored though! Global positioning data, time stamp information and a map showing the location where the photo was taken are all viewable. Images can also be sent to the platform via email.

In short, this is a very cool app with many possible applications, it has the opportunity to get a great start with your help in this competition, and it’s coming out of our very own Chattanooga, TN!

Check out their YouTube presentation (if you haven’t already) and head over to Facebook to cast your vote for our Chattanoogan Skoodat!