Look who popped up at venturenashville.com, Chattanooga entrepreneur Richard Hardin! We’ve seen this guy around the Company Lab a time or two and now we’re starting to see him all over the place, and for good reason.

His company, Cumberland Signal Labs has gained some serious momentum after winning the $5000 prize at our 48Hour Launch event. It is going around that the wiring hub he invented for aircraft will revolutionize instrumentation maintenance and significantly decrease aircraft downtime and it seems everyone agrees: he has a “game changing” product.

Standing in the way of this take over is Certification by the FAA who has to test the device by it’s standards before it approves it for use. In the mean time, Richard is talking with industry officials and working on an avionics-signal diagnostics tool. Cumberland Signal Labs has secured funding in excess of $100,000 to continue research and development and other business operations.

It’s awesome to see Chattanooga entrepreneurs succeed! To follow this amazing story keep an eye on www.cumberland.sl, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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