In addition to assisting pre-seed and seed stage start-ups, The Company Lab is now offering a collection of Peer Roundtables, providing focused opportunities for Chattanooga’s business owners in specific stages of development to unite their talents for collective growth. These Roundtables are a venue to broaden your perspective through shared experiences, while building relationships with fellow members. Peer Roundtable members meet monthly to discuss common business issues and improve decision-making. These conversations drive innovation and increase overall business performance.

Current offerings are the CEO Roundtable and the Startup Roundtable, with more Roundtables to be introduced soon!


CEO Roundtables:

CEO Roundtables are a series of twelve monthly meetings for CEOs of businesses that exceed half a million dollars in annual revenue. At each Peer Roundtable, a facilitator guides ten to twelve local CEOs from different industries in discussing their experiences and insights in a confidential setting. Members have discretionary funds to bring in high profile speakers for closed sessions. Evening mixer and informational session Thursday, August 18th, at 5:30

Startup Roundtables:

Startup Roundtables are a series of twelve monthly meetings for founders of startup of businesses that are post revenue with existing products or services, and have 2 or more employees. At each Startup Roundtable, a facilitator guides ten to twelve local starters from different industries in discussing knowledge and experience gained, growing pains, and long range planning in a confidential setting. Informational lunch Friday, July 8th, at 12:00


These Roundtables are local, confidential, and completely member-driven. For more information about the Roundtables, or to apply for either program, contact Enoch Elwell by emailing

CEO and Starter Roundtables: innovating business together.

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