We’ve been following the progress of LifeKraze for about a year now. Two of the founders, Ben Wagner and David Nielson, are graduates of our SpringBoard business planning class. Ben and David, along with the third founder, Michael Brooks, also incubated out of The Company Lab in the early days. With LifeKraze, users can do something active, post updates on LifeKraze, and get followers to award points that can be redeemed for active lifestyle prizes. The company has been gaining great momentum and has now been named in Entrepreneur.com’s Top 100 Brilliant Companies for 2011 as one of the ten most brilliant companies in the Connected category. Entrepreneur.com found LifeKraze to be so brilliant, they told the world.

This nomination sheds more light on what we Chattanoogans already knew: LifeKraze is awesome.