Chattanooga-based tech company Skoodat has been working hard over the last few years to show educators and policy makers that there is a better way to handle data within the school systems. Data is so so important in the system because it’s what allows an administrator to track the progress of a student and to make quick, precise decisions if some kind of intervention is needed.

Well, it looks like Skoodat is finally getting a big break. The start-up is now working with CAS-Carrera to deploy a cloud software solution within four pilot schools in New York City. Skoodat specializes in providing solutions to both common and unique situations. The Skoodat solution has enabled CAS-Carrera to deepen its program’s impact in the four pilot schools by presenting a 360-degree view of each student participant.

“Skoodat’s platform enables us to capture a more complete, real-time view of every student. We track data about the whole person, measuring all seven of our key components – academics, employment, family life and sexuality education, self-expression, lifetime individual sports, medical and dental care and mental health services. Having all this data at our fingertips makes a big difference in our ability to help young people develop and thrive,” stated Dr. Carrera, founder of CAS-Carrera.

The Skoodat solution also helps CAS-Carrera compare comprehensive student data with benchmark state and city assessment data, enabling the organization to accurately measure the relative impact of their programs.

“The concept seems simple: connect the dots between different types of data to discover opportunities and risks in each child’s life,” stated Ken McElrath, Skoodat CEO. “But until now, connecting those dots has been expensive and risky. Because data is often stored in many different places, it’s complicated to present data from multiple sources in a meaningful way. We reduce the risk and expense of connecting all those dots, making it possible for CAS-Carrera to scale its program, remain flexible, and keep costs down while expanding their services.”

Founded in 2008, Skoodat helps all types of education-focused organizations build and deploy applications more quickly and flexibly in the cloud. Partnering with CAS-Carrera is one indication of the direction and momentum Skoodat continues to gain. Check out more about Skoodat and its vision on their site.