You may remember Nathan Derrick, founder of, who ran away as the winner of our first ever Will This Float? event. Nopone launched last month under the premise of matching contractors and DIYers to suppliers of construction materials. Yesterday, Nopone began offering a brand new service for the many victims in the region that were affected by the recent storms.

The new service, which was covered by today, may work best with victims who do not have homeowners insurance. They could post the items they need to rebuild their homes and/or businesses. Once the items have been posted, suppliers can offer discounts on those items. There is also the ability for individuals and contractors to offere their services for free or reduce their labor costs for the victims. Another section of the website is called “Disaster Deals” where building materials have been discounted up to 74% off. Pretty awesome stuff for a local company to be providing this service to other locals who have been affected by the storm!

Derrick, who lives in Decatur, TN, said that Nopone had always planned on having a way to assist disaster victims, but it was something they were going to do later after they became more established. “Unfortunately, the disaster hit us right here at home. As we continue to grow, we would like to have a division that helps after all US disasters.”

This is what entrepreneurship is all about! We need to see more tech (and non-tech) start-ups leveraging their skills, assets, and networks to create positive change in our community.

Please spread the word about if you know of someone that could benefit from the service.