David Shellabarger pitched his idea, Snappy, at this year’s 48Hour Launch. He created an awesome platform for you to tell a story with pictures. Using Snappy, a user can create a story line and add pictures to create the narrative.

Here is how it works:

Let’s say a blushing bride wants to capture every moment of her special day. She creates an account for her wedding and uploads her pictures. Snappy is different from Facebook because not only can she as the storyteller upload pictures, but her friends can, too, using Snappy as a way to aggregate the photos and create a unique album to share with others. The best part is that the photos would be available through real time uploads. So, the priceless look on her hubby’s face after she smashed a piece of cake in his face at the reception: the photo is snapped and uploaded directly to the wedding album. Snappy makes it fun for both the bride and the guest.

The growth plan for Snappy is to be available not only as a website but also as an app. Although he admits that he didn’t know what to expect and didn’t take home the prize at 48Hour Launch, it was fun to see the teamwork. He got a lot of work done that would have taken a lot longer outside of the event. Four people working together for the same goal equaled increased progress at the Launch.

David is an android app developer with five apps on the market. The apps currently have 35,000 downloads with an average of four to five stars. The Snappy app is currently in beta testing…if you’re interested in being a beta user, go here. Stay tuned!