Its been four weeks since 48Hour Launch and we are catching up with the Kyle Posey of BoxAtomic to talk about his experience and progress they’ve made since demo night.

To catch you up, Boxatomic is a deal-a-day website for the grass roots, web aware, fitness community called CrossFit. Their goal is to develop a sustainable business model that will build and enhance relationships between everyone from the customer, to the product vendor.

This was Kyle’s second 48Hour Launch event- for him it made a huge difference in the way he approached the project. It turns out that an illness turned Kyle’s 48Hour Launch into a 24 hour launch. He pitched his idea then had to sit out the first day but he came to the event with a team at hand and his concept in their collective mind. So, when he came back on day two he was able to jump right in with the team and continue toward their demo presentation Sunday night.

It seems like a tall order to get a working demo in 48 hours, especially when your team is down a player but Kyle was ready. He says, “Last year was worse. We were getting five or six hours of sleep each night. This year we were a lot more rested. The experience of knowing what can be accomplished in 48 hours was a huge benefit.” Their approach changed significantly from year 1 to year 2. This time their focus was on the small chunks that make up the foundation of a concept, “You can’t attack large projects, it’s just not feasible, but you can attack large concepts.  The core essence of Facebook was created overnight. Everything else took many man hours of course to create.”

Using this more realistic, focused approach, BoxAtomic took their concept and created a site design, functional user registration, payment process, and the user interface for adding vendors, deals, and publishing times in two days. “There are other features we are going to have on top of that, but that was the foundation of (the project),” said Kyle of their demo. “I mean, we could launch tomorrow if we had signed contracts.” Turns out those contracts are on the horizon for BoxAtomic and are really the only barrier that is keeping them from taking their service to the Crossfit market. There are a few more modifications to make to the site, features to add, etc., and Kyle hopes to have those in place before making his first sale.

When I asked Kyle about this year’s 48Hour Launch experience, he said there was just “too much going on”. There were a lot of great ideas but he was of course working on his own concept. He also commented on the unique experience gained from bringing raw concept and developing it into a functional product. In his first event, Kyle pitched an idea at the last minute, “They asked if anyone else had an idea to pitch and I said, ‘Why not?’” That idea was chosen to compete in the launch event, attracted a team, and they developed a working product, from a raw idea, in 48 hours. “The amount of collaboration between everyone in the room,” He says, “was incredibly cool.”

Of all that had happened and was now happening, I wanted to know the one thing that stood out from the rest?  He needs just two words: “product launch”.

Thanks to Kyle Posey of BoxAtomic for coming out to CoLab and sharing his time and experiences with us.  Check out their site at