Chattanooga gained several new start-ups last night as 10 teams pitched their projects from this weekend’s 48Hour Launch at the BaseCamp Chattanooga to win $5,000. All of these teams came to the event with very little to show, and all of them left with a web presence (or will have it up very soon).

Each of the 10 start-ups had five minutes on stage to tell the story of their idea and demo the product that they had built. Almost 200 people turned out to help cheer on the start-ups, not to mention they had a hand in choosing the winner of the grand prize via real-time text voting. At the end of the night, Richard Hardin, founder of Cumberland Signal Labs, won the hearts of the crowd as well as the expert panel of investors and entrepreneurs!

Hardin has recently invented a new product, The Flight Hub, which is an avionics device that saves up to 70% on repair time and cost. Over the course of 48Hour Launch, Hardin led a team of designers and developers to create a website and promo video to market The Flight Hub to investors and potential customers. Not only did Hardin leave with a solid web presence and marketing tool, he was also able to secure nine pre-orders.

All of the teams that presented created some incredible technology throughout the weekend. Check out their progress below:

Cumberland Signal Labs– an online interface for ordering and configuring the Cumberland Flight Hub

BOXATOMIC and “The Fix” – think “Groupon” for the CrossFit industry…then think expansion of the software to other niche industries

EndofWaiting.com – software that eliminates waiting on premises for customers of businesses that typically have waiting lists (restaurants, doctors, etc)

TripRaiser.com – an online community where users can raise contributions from their social network to cover travel expenses for studying abroad, honeymoons, and missions trips and share their experiences with their supporters.

Low Country Boil in a Box – an e-commerce site where customers can quickly and easily purchase a low country boil kit, which can then be prepped and served in one hour

BuyIndieBooks.com – a online storefront and marketing tool for self-published authors

Snappy – an Android app that allows users to tell their stories through pictures

Relove 2 Reduce – a website designed to simplify online consignment sales

RoveWorks – Mobile inventory tracking for small business owners: almost finished!

SmartCushion – innovative seating/positioning device: website finished and will be live soon!

We were honored to host this year’s 48Hour Launch and blown away by the quality of the ideas and progress made. BIG thanks to our title sponsor, delegator.com! Couldn’t have “gotten it done” without you! 🙂