Dava Stewart is a local freelance writer and, like the rest of us, has many entrepreneurial ideas. Until 48Hour Launch, she had never really put any of those ideas into action…here’s her account of the weekend:

Excerpt taken from SmilingTreeWriting.com:

Last weekend, I did something out of character that pushed me so far out of my comfort zone that it was almost laughable. I participated in a weekend startup event called 48 Hour Launch. I pitched an idea, put together a team and then did everything I could do to get a company ready to launch over the course of one weekend.

Now, thinking up an idea is not the part that is out of character because I’m a veritable fountain of ideas. Telling people about them, acting on them, doing something with them – now that’s a different story. Usually, I just voice these ideas, do a little research and discard them pretty quickly.

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