We’re convinced that 48Hour Launch is April’s must-attend event for people looking to expand their business connections in Chattanooga, so here’s our little list of reasons why professionals should want to attend:

  • Local professionals are always looking for unique and creative ways to meet other people. Most of these concepts will be tech-based, but will need some help thinking through the financial, legal, business, marketing, and PR considerations as well. One of the best ways to connect with someone is to work on a project together. What better way than this?!
  • If you’ve ever considered starting your own business some day, this is a taste of what that’s like. You’ll gain some practical experience in creating and building businesses from the ground up.
  • Build your resume or portfolio
  • Network with professionals in your field of interest
  • Oh yeah…you could win $5000!

Entry fee is $40 for participants, $25 for students, and covers the cost of food and (adult) beverages for the weekend.

And if you absolutely can’t make the whole weekend, make sure you don’t miss Demo Night, which will take place on Sunday, April 10th at 6PM at the old Industrial YMCA on the Southside ($5 at the door!).

To register or get more info, check out our other post on 48Hour Launch.