Media Release, March 3, 2011- written by Phillip Johnston

This evening The Company Lab is proud to present SpringBoard Showcase, an event focused on celebrating graduates of Chattanooga’s foremost small business planning course. From 6:00-8:30pm tonight, the public has an opportunity to participate in a silent auction of locally produced goods and a showcase of specialty foods, drinks, desserts and live music.

“We wanted to give Chattanooga an opportunity to see the phenomenal work SpringBoard graduates are doing,” says Enoch Elwell, a partner at The Company Lab. In the last three years, over three hundred local entrepreneurs have completed SpringBoard, an intensive, eight-week business planning class. An annual survey of these graduates showed that small businesses are moving further into success even in an economically unstable time.

“The showcase isn’t just about quality products,” says Elwell. “Within our SpringBoard community during the recession, we’ve seen maintenance and growth in gross sales for seventy-four percent of graduates. This confirms what we’ve already known—mainly that small businesses are the backbone of Chattanooga’s local economy. If Chattanooga has a solid foundation in small business, we have a stable platform for growth.

SpringBoard entrepreneurs are characterized by a passion for their work and exciting stories about their ventures. Tonight’s showcase offers an opportunity to hear firsthand from these local entrepreneurs about the struggles and successes of starting businesses in Chattanooga’s current economy. The Company Lab will also be providing a list of local small business services recommended by SpringBoard graduates for those interested in getting a wider view of how Chattanooga supports small business.

“Most of the proceeds from tonight’s silent auction will be infused back into the businesses who have donated goods to the event,” says Elwell. “We want the auction to directly support local business. It’s our way of giving back to these entrepreneurs and rewarding them for a job well done.”

The SpringBoard Showcase will be presented tonight, March 3, at The Camphouse/Windfarm Coffee Bar (1427 Williams Street, Chattanooga). The cost of admission is $5; RSVP for an advance listing of silent auction items. For more information, visit our other post on the event.