48Hour Launch is only a couple weeks away, and we thought it would be helpful to briefly check-in with Aaron Welch, a local IT guru and tech evangelist. He was a participant in the first 48Hour Launch and is helping make sure the wireless network can withstand the heavy usage for this year’s event. For him, the launch was a well-timed opportunity for bright minds to work together: “48Hour launch was an event that desperately needed to happen in Chattanooga,” Aaron says. “There’s a lot of hidden talent in this city, and the launch is a good place to showcase it.”

For Aaron, the most valuable thing he took away from the event was the connections. “The big deal with 48Hour Launch is building a strong sense of community among like-minded people,” he says. “The launch builds a community around ideas, helping everyone to accomplish goals that they can achieve themselves.”

48Hour Launch also helped Aaron refine his original start-up concept. “The launch helps you learn to focus and make your idea product-driven,” he says. “It’s a way to prioritize your idea and make it something you can launch at the event.”

This year’s 48Hour Launch is designed to be even more exciting for local entrepreneurs like Aaron…especially being hosted at the future home of BaseCamp Chattanooga!

Click here to register for the weekend and/or click here to sign up to pitch your concept on Pitch Night.

Here are some more details on 48Hour Launch.