Chattanooga’s start-up community has had a week to remember. Over 200 people turned out to vote Nathan Derrick, of, the first-ever winner of Will This Float? This was a pretty awesome night and we heard from a number of people that it was the “best business-related event” they had ever attended. Hopefully, this will be just the beginning of many start-up events to come.

Will This Float? was a great event for the start-ups and those in attendance, and the story gets even better! Derrick decided to apply for TechStars in New York City this week (quick note about TechStars- if you have a web start-up, you should apply to it. Over 75% of the companies that go through their program are funded upon completion!). After winning Will This Float?, he posted our story about the event to his application with the hopes it would bolster his chances of an invitation.

Yesterday, he received a message from one of the TechStars’ founders asking if his team would be willing to work on the concept full time. Derrick replied that his team is fully committed to the project. At 4:55 this morning he received an invitation from TechStars to join them in NYC this Saturday for TechStars For A Day! According to TechStars’ site, TechStars For A Day is “an invitational one-day mini-camp for TechStars applicants. You get to see what it’s like to be a TechStar for a day!”

As far as I know, no Chattanooga start-up has been invited to this event, much less the TechStars program. This is an incredible opportunity for Derrick and his team to show off what they’ve been working on and hopefully position themselves well for acceptance to the full TechStars program!

I just spoke with him a short while ago, somewhere between Knoxville and Tri-cities on the way to NYC: “I am so excited about this opportunity! I haven’t been able to sleep very much since winning Will This Float? It seems like things are snowballing right now and it’s just crazy how fast it’s all happening.”

Well, Nathan, on behalf of Chattanooga, good luck and have a great time! You are the envy of many entrepreneurs right now and we hope the founders of TechStars see the value that 200 people saw earlier this week!

If you want to follow TechStars For A Day on twitter, search for the hashtag #TS4AD.