So, last time we mentioned Nopone was last Friday and Founder Nathan Derrick was somewhere between Knoxville and Johnson City on his way to TS4AD. Since Chattanooga’s never had anyone make it this far in TechStars’ process, we thought we’d follow Derrick throughout the process (which hopefully ends in acceptance to the program!):

colab: Generally speaking, what did you think of TS4AD?

Derrick: It was like getting invited to a preseason training camp and seeing the team working on their defense and offense…you get to see some of their plays but not their playbook. I just hope nopone can make it to the superbowl of the internet, which I see as TechStars.

colab: What was the most beneficial thing about TS4AD?

Derrick: Being in the same room with the people who literally built the internet…and, no, Al Gore was not there. The knowledge and connections that we came away with was amazing for such a short time period. I can’t imagine three months of this!

colab: We heard you were interviewed by a film crew…what was that about?

Derrick: Bloomberg TV was conducting interviews with some of the startups and they wanted to talk with us. The best part was after the interview, the camera crew was talking about remodeling projects they were working on at their own homes and wanted to know when the site would be available for them to use.

colab: Dave Tisch retweeted our blog post about your road trip to TS4AD. Did he seem interested in what you are doing?

Derrick: It’s hard to say. He has his hands full running the NYC program and he sees a lot of great startups. I just hope TechStars sees the potential in Nopone…that we are creating something that will be very useful for REAL people (like the camera crew).

colab: What would it mean for you personally to be a TechStars entrepreneur?

Derrick: So many entrepreneurs aspire to get into TechStars. I think they had 549 applications for the NYC program, so it would be a dream come true to be invited into TechStars!

colab: How would Nopone benefit from being selected to TechStars?

Derrick: Our biggest benefit would be the mentors and connections. Having access to such a talented group of people would be amazing. A lot of the mentors involved with the NYC program could greatly improve “the nopone experience” for our customers.

colab: And we have to ask: do you think you’ll get in?

Derrick: I do not want to say, I don’t want to jinx it. I hope everyone keeps me in their prayers.