Two weeks ago, we put out a call for innovative ideas for new ventures…these could be sketches on a napkin or a prototype for a new product. We had a wide variety of submissions and we were impressed with the quality of the ideas. After much careful consideration, we are excited to announce the following five local innovators who will present at Will This Float? 2010:
Nathan Derrick: Nopone – a web-based platform to introduce technology into the general contracting and construction supply industry in order to create more efficiency.
Jennifer Gerlach: NuSlip – an innovative slip design for women that eliminates many frustrations women have with current slips.
Adam Kinsey: Adeo – a web-enabled service that allows parents, grandparents and friends in assisted living facilities to communicate visually with their loved ones anywhere in the world.

Tim Kelly: VoteMatch – a website that will match prospective voters with the candidate(s) that best match their values, ideals, and disposition- think e-Harmony for voters and candidates.

John Abrell: Block Carburetor – a new and innovative carburetor design for light duty tractors, ditchwitches and more.

For more information, check out our previous post on Will This Float?

You can also register online.

We hope to see you there!