Tonight was an awesome night for the start-up community in Chattanooga. We know there were a few glitches here and there, and we would certainly change some things if we had them to do over again…but ultimately, over 200 people packed out the CampHouse and enjoyed themselves.

At the heart of the event was the simple idea that, well, ideas are important. The United States was born out of innovative thinking and that’s what our country has been built upon. Will This Float?, is simply a return to the core of what made this country great- new ideas.

One of the things that struck me the most about tonight was how diverse the crowd was. We had design and communications students from Covenant, some traditional business folks, experienced entrepreneurs, aspiring entrepreneurs, and many more. But what really excites me is I heard a number of people walking out of the CampHouse tonight talking about THEIR ideas.

Can you imagine how exciting this community would be if everyone was pursuing their own ideas? I know everyone has at least one idea that they’ve been kicking around for a while…why not pursue it? Now I’m not talking “pursue with reckless abandon.” I’m talking more about nights and weekends. We need to be fleshing out these ideas to see if there is any validity to them. We need to take ideas out of our heads and put them on paper. Once they are on paper and validity is determined, they need to be put into action. To me, innovation takes place when you put action behind your idea.

So, for those of you who came out to Will This Float?, thank you! We hope you enjoyed it and we sure hope that you take that idea you’ve always wanted to do…and do it! If you need some help along the way, we’re here. Just holler at us…we’d love to help make your idea a reality!