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CPR LifeWrap


Motivated by experiences in her own life, Felicia started an entrepreneurial journey to create a simple life-saving device. CPR LifeWrap is a disposable plastic guide designed to cover the mouth and upper body that provides simple instructions for people with little or no CPR training. Felicia took her initial idea to LAUNCH Chattanooga, where she [...]

Wind River Tiny Homes


Jeremy Weaver pitched his business idea for a tiny home building company (500 sq. ft and less) at the Outdoor & Sustainability edition of Will This Float?. Following that event, he enrolled in the spring CO.LAB Accelerator, and since then the company has been steadily gathering momentum and followers. They have come to be recognized [...]



After pitching her idea for "honest clothing" at Will This Float? 2013 and winning second place, Temperate Clothing founder Ongeleigh Underwood went on to take her company through the CO.LAB Accelerator and established an office and workspace in the Business Development Center on Chattanooga's Northshore. Temperate's mission is to create "clothes to live by…stylish basics [...]

Granola Products


First Place Winner | Will This Float? 2013 // Founded by brothers Kelsey and Conner Scott, Granola makes handcrafted, high-quality products for climbing and outdoor use. When they first participated at our annual Will This Float? pitch competition, their locally produced offerings already graced the shelves of regional sporting goods stores. In addition to being the judges’ pick [...]


“[Will This Float] was a fantastic event.… for such a large crowd to choose RootsRated out of so many other good ideas, is a tremendous statement that we’re on the right track." –FYNN GLOVER, RootsRated Co-founder RootsRated brings people who love the outdoors together. With most information powering outdoor recreation tied up in guidebooks or word [...]

NODE (Variable, Inc.)

“We developed and built the prototype in Chattanooga. … a device where you simply change the ends and it morphs into a completely different product – a first in the industry.” –GEORGE YU, NODE Creator & Variable, Inc. Founder Winner of the 2012 Spring edition of Will This Float? NODE is Yu’s brainchild after spending a [...]


"Will This Float? was one of the most important days of my life." –NATHAN DERRICK, SupplyHog Founder 2010 Winner of the first Will This Float? pitch competition. Nathan applied to Will This Float? in response to a tweet from CO.LAB asking for people to pitch their “crazy ideas.” Years later with more than $2.4 million [...]

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