Xcellent Life

Xcellent Life is a healthcare technology company that provides an artificial intelligence-powered cloud platform that captures a comprehensive set of health factors from biometric sensors, mobile applications, and software systems. Using artificial intelligence, Xcellent Life helps healthcare practitioners improve outcomes and proactively protects consumers’ wellness through real-time human diagnostics.


Mixtroz is a mobile app that allows individuals in large settings to connect in smaller, more intimate groups for face-to-face introductions. This data-driven technology collects invaluable post-event analytics for event hosts while bringing people together for curated, live networking experiences.


Docity is a HIPAA-compliant telehealth platform that connects providers with their patients. The product allows people to meet with their providers through their personal computer or mobile device, all for a low monthly price. It also gives providers more efficiency by providing simple tools for scheduling and coordinating with patients.


Fetch is a talent-driven hiring platform that matches talent with employees in a transparent and unbiased way that is affordable for all. The platform allows for both employers and talent to create profiles and match with each other based on interests and needs.

3D Ops

"EPB with the gig makes it extremely possible for us. We're going to be transferring a lot of data to and from hospitals and ourselves." –DANIEL HAMPTON, 3D Ops Founder 3D Ops is a 3D printing manufacturer that provides patient-specific 3D printed models to hospitals and surgeons for enhanced pre-surgical planning. Using patient-specific data, the company [...]


“We wanted to come to a place that really supported entrepreneurs but also understood manufacturing, but with a twist.” –LUCY BEARD, Feetz Co-founder Feetz is a 3D printing manufacturer and retailer that creates custom-fit footwear for consumers of all shoe sizes. After participating in GIGTANK 2014’s 3D Printing Track, cofounders Lucy and Nigel spent the [...]

Branch Technology

“The startup enlightenment …here and a vicinity to Oak Ridge National Laboratories, was really a poignant reason for relocating to Chattanooga.”

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